Yockenthwaite Farm


If you can’t get to any of our lovely stockists for your Yockenthwaite Granola you can always buy from our online shop.

Our Yockenthwaite Granola is always cooked fresh to order, so that it is as fresh and delicious as possible when you receive it.  Because of this, if we’re really busy it could take up to a week for us to process your order,  so please bear this in mind if you would like to buy some.

  • gluten-free-porridge
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    Gluten Free Porridge Oats £3.40
  • gluten-free-muesli-cranberries
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    Gluten Free Muesli – With Cranberries & Flaked Almonds £3.75
  • gluten-free-muesli-vine-fruits
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    Gluten Free Muesli – With Vine Fruits & Flaked Almonds £3.75
  • Real Simple Muesli
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    Real Simple Muesli £2.95
  • Real Oaty Porridge
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    Real Oaty Porridge £1.25
  • A 475g bag of low sugar plain granola
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    Real Oaty Granola – Not so Sweet £4.99
  • A 475g bag of nutty natural granola
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    Real Nutty Granola – Original Recipe £4.99
  • A 475g bag of low sugar nutty granola
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    Nutty Spelt Granola – Not so Sweet £4.99