Real Oaty


WE JUST LOVE OATS... much so that we use them in all our products. We use them because they make us feel good and we know they are good for us too. Our oats are rolled fresh from the oat groat and we do this ourselves. We believe it makes a huge difference both nutritionally and to flavour, just think about freshly ground coffee or spices, there's no comparison, fresh is best!
  • A 475g bag of low sugar plain granola
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    Real Oaty Granola – Not so Sweet £4.99
  • Real Simple Muesli
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    Real Simple Muesli £2.95
  • Real Oaty Porridge
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    Real Oaty Porridge £1.25
  • gluten-free-porridge
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    Gluten Free Porridge Oats £3.40
  • gluten-free-muesli-cranberries
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    Gluten Free Muesli – With Cranberries & Flaked Almonds £3.75
  • gluten-free-muesli-vine-fruits
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    Gluten Free Muesli – With Vine Fruits & Flaked Almonds £3.75